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The Best Plugin To View Pull Requests

Is one that you don't have to pay for or install at all

June 1, 2023

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During our developer discussions earlier today, one developer asked a rather interesting question:

Is there a plugin to view pull requests for my IDE?

Since we only had a few more minutes remaining in that meeting, the conversation quickly evolved into asking what IDE it was for, mentioning the name of the plugin, noting that it was a paid plugin, and the annual price of the plugin. The conversation then ended as quickly as it started. At that point I was both confused and disturbed.

A pull request is just the name of the process where you ask another developer, usually a senior developer or maintainer, to review changes you did in a branch in the hopes that they would "pull in" your changes into the main branch. At its very heart, viewing a pull request is really just reviewing the diff between two branches - which is really just a git diff operation.

And if diffing two branches using git is too hard, most version control services offer a web interface to view a pull request's changes. That, in addition to review tools like commenting and approval. It's free, just a few clicks away, and requires no fancy plugins. And so, that said:

You do NOT need anything fancy to view a pull request.

PS: I still use git, tig, and tmux to this day. Probably can't live without them at this point.