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Good code takes time to build

October 28, 2014

So today marks the first day of the sprint at work, or at least was kicked-off today by way of a sprint meeting of our team. The sprint actually started yesterday so whatever. Anyways, sprint is a word usually associated with moving fast, and in order to move fast in code, one must have a good architecture.

Move Fast With Stable Infra

That's Facebook's motto nowadays, a departure of the old Move fast and break things motto. And I have been an advocate of this mindset eversince I first step foot in the company. I still remember the very first comment I made with the existing code:

Why is this written this way?

As well as my very first suggestion:

We should have an API-first development scheme

Fast forward 7 months later, I'm now doing a gradual rewrite of the system - now with architecture! I still can't see the rainbows spilling out of my laptop's screen yet, even a PR of 81 commits over 51 files, but I'm getting there. And I would like to stress this to them that, while moving fast has its advantages...

Good code takes time to build

What do you think?