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Extreme Range Planetside 2 Sniping

You won't see it coming

May 21, 2018

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article on Planetside 2 sniping. It describes my rather unconventional loadout and play style - so unconventional that another player called out my 12x scope being a a wasted purchase because I mounted it on the SV99, the standard issue sniper rifle. Oh boy were they wrong.

In this footage is me using the same loadout mentioned in last year's article, sniping another infiltrator. I was on Ceres Hydroponics, while the other infiltrator was on The Crown. This puts me at the bottom of the hill while the target was on the tower on top of the hill, 500m away. Making it even more challenging is gravity. In Planetside 2, gravity affects projectiles. You can see me in the video do a test shot to know how much I should compensate for bullet drop. A volley of bullets later... #ggez

So yes, extreme range sniping is totally possible in Planetside 2. You just need a few simple tricks:

  • A long-range scope is a must, and should be your first 100 cert purchase.
  • You need to be as far away from the battle as possible.
  • Snipe in a position perpendicular to an ongoing battle.
  • Never use a suppressor. Nobody will reach you if you're far enough.
  • Use a zero-sway rifle so you can easily aim and do follow-ups faster.
  • Know the continent's by heart. This comes naturally the more you play.
  • Take out support classes first.They usually stand still to do their thing.
  • Above all, patience.

I hope I've inspired you to download and try out the game. You don't need to be a pro to get into it. And the experience is better if you bring a squad of friends. You can only do so much solo. That's about it. Until next time!