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Falling Apart

Rethinking lifestyle choices

July 31, 2021

girl falling Photo by Tim Grundtner from Pexels

Several weeks ago, I went to a clinic to have my hand X-rayed. I feared that I might have broken it again after landing on it palms down. A week later, I sprained the other hand after landing elbows first but slamming the hand right after. Both instances ended up being minor sprains that were gone in a couple of weeks. But then another week passed, I twisted my right ankle. What the f...

I think I've reached that point in life where I have to rethink my lifestyle choices. After a series of scares, I think I'm no longer as invincible as I once was. I can no longer just brush off the dirt after a fall, put on a big smile, and say "I'm ok!". This time, I'm NOT ok. This time, when I get hurt, I get hurt for real.

I have this friend who keeps on inviting me to go fishing. Maybe I should do that instead.

PS: Right ankle injury is pain in front of the outside "ball" of the ankle, caused by an outward twist (think turning to the left by pushing off with the right foot, but right foot remained planted). No swelling, no bruising, no discoloration, nothing. I can walk fine, just with an odd limp.

PPS: I jog on a regular basis. You'd think that would strengthen the ligaments. I guess not.