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Fallout New Vegas

Something like Skyrim but different

August 23, 2015

So this weekend... Fallout: New Vegas. Yes, I haven't played this game yet. I already played Skyrim 3 times with 3 different character classes. Got bored between the second and third that I did Fallout 3. Game wasn't interesting, only the backstory, especially when you find out that the whole vault thing was an experiment. Now it's off to Fallout 3: New Vegas.

I have played the game like 2 days now. The story unfolds differently from Fallout 3 and more into Skyrim. You've got more factions, and your typical join one or the other. Items... meh, but it's alright. Textures could have been done better, in comparison to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning which was pretty polished even on low settings. As always, controls were clunky and confusing. You exit the pipboy with tab, you exit stores with E, interfaces with an X, and VATS with a right click. Controls weren't one-hand friendly, in that you have to mouse down some interfaces as opposed to WASD as directional keys.

Well, nothing mods can't fix. But then mods usually invite unexpected bugs and CTDs. While benefit weighs more than the cost, it's just annoying at times especially in the most important parts of the game. Crashes on save, or on travel. That kind of stuff.

Now I'm playing it with certain elements on low or off. Grass is still my number one enemy, as with Skyrim. I just wonder how grass is so slow, compared to the animations, physics and scripting that runs in the game. I mean, grass are essentially the same as rocks and boulders in the game - static, nothing happening. Yet grass still is the number one culprit in slowdown. Much more than shadows.

F:NV comes with all the bells and whistles on high and enabled. Bloom, AA, reflections, refractions, grass animations, all that. Had to turn those that don't matter off. I just want to follow the story and blast enemy into pieces with a sawed-off shotgun. I ain't lookin' at the sky or some raider's face the entire time you know.