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Imagination And Dreams

They're always impractical

November 23, 2020

Photo by Hannah Jacobson on Unsplash

But if we only ever create things that are practical, what's the point of having an imagination and following a dream?

It's late at night but I'm still in the middle of archiving some rather large files. So I decided to watch random YouTube videos until the file transfers finish. I came across this video about a show-bike powered by an airplane engine. The video was pretty dull, but the quote in the end hit me right in the feels that I just had to put it here. Couple it with a good banner photo and bam! Non-dev blog post!

Goodnight people!

PS: I've updated my blog to... support ~crossing out lines~ strikethroughs! Well, the bulk of the work was a long overdue refactor that blocked implementation of strikethroughs, or at least made it really painful to implement without doing it first. But at last, I've done it! I declare this weekend a success!