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Giving back power to the developers

April 9, 2016

Came across this video on YouTube while reading Twitter. Very interesting, especially the part where the speaker kinda explains how microservices give more control to the developer, and reducing reliance to operations.

The key take-aways that kinda go in line with my goals as to why I'm pushing everyone to use Docker:

...because it's no longer acceptable in a development context to say "Everybody! You must use Java EE and Oracle or get the hell out." Like, that's not a thing. You've got to use the right tool for the right job.


...and you can give all of these different developers an ability to deliver their software without, you know, a developer going over and saying "Mister Ops, can you please deploy my shit" and then mister Ops having to deal with their bullshit once it explodes in production.


You can just put it in this box, just, I don't give a shit what's in it. Just put it in this box and help get it to production and deliver it. But you're going to be on the hook for everything after that.