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Planetside 2 Stalking

How to keep it sneaky

September 2, 2017

Yep, it's another article about Planetside 2. This time, it's tips on how to become an efficient Stalker.

A Stalker is just an Infiltrator but whose play style revolves around one ability: the Stalker Cloak, a cloak that when used, regenerates energy while stationary. It's OP so to balance it out, you can't carry a primary weapon. Only pistols or machine pistols, which means you need to get up close and personal. This often leads to being farmed though, so here's some tips on how avoid being food as a Stalker.

Never sit in a corner

Hollywood has taught us all the wrong ways to do things. In this case, being an assassin. In movies, you almost always see assassins hide in a corner, on the balcony, behind rocks, behind crates, in back alleys, etc. Those, unfortunately, are the worst places to be while being a Stalker. In fact, they're the most common places where people shine a Dark Light Flashlight - an weapon underbarrel addon that reveals cloaked Infiltrators.

Instead, be in a place where enemies least expect you. I usually stalk in open fields, in bodies of water, in the middle of fights, in already-captured bases, and so on. Another good place for a Stalker is the base behind one that's currently being captured. It's usually where supporting armor is being pulled. It's also where people who foot-zerg, which tend to be alone, start running from.

Stop, drop, and cloak

The number one reason Infiltrators get killed, aside from being seen, is being seen while cloaked. When an infiltrator is running around cloaked, you can see this very distinguishable blob running against the background. This is very prominent especially in Amerish where there's a lot of flora and irregular terrain.

So when you get spotted, lose their sight first then literally stop, drop, and cloak. This is best done if you just press c and then take your hands off the keyboard and mouse. Not moving makes you less visible than when running around. If you need to move out of the way, walk while crouching. You'll be visible, but only to the trained eye.

Patience and finesse

Stalkers are not for everyone, particularly for the impatient or trigger-happy. If your happy drug is explosions or getting high KDR fast, a Stalker is not for you. There are other methods for mass mayhem in the game, like explosives, armor columns, air support, shotguns, orbital strikes, all that fun stuff.

Stalkers are for people who want finesse in their takedowns. Whether it be the least amount of shots taken, or melee when a pistol would have done the same thing. If you play a lot of Sniper Elite, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, or Hitman without speed-running the game or took time doing all the possible achievements, this role is probably for you.


Like before, I'll close this post with my loadout.

  • Primary: Disabled
  • Secondary:
    • NS-44 Comissioner + 1x scope + Laser Sight
    • TX1 Repeater + 1x scope + Suppressor
    • TX2 Emperror + 1x scope + Suppressor
  • Ability: Stalker Cloak
  • Suit: Adrenaline Pump
  • Tool: Recon Detection Device
  • Grenade: EMP Grenade
  • Utility: Claymore
  • Melee: Chainblade
  • Implants: Target Focus, Safeguard