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PUBG Is Definitely Terrible

Debating on which game was our worst purchase

February 28, 2019

So earlier today, me and another dev talked about gaming. Specifically, we were talking about our worst game purchase. For me, it's definitely PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). The other dev agreed at first, before taking it back and saying Rainbow Six: Siege was a much more terrible purchase. I disagree, and here's why.


Siege is $20, for the Standard Edition. On special occasions, prices can go down as low as 50% off. The game can even be free-to-play for a few days during promotional runs. They also have plans to make older operators cheaper instead of having them all at the same price.

PUBG is $30. I've never seen it go on sale. I've never seen it go free-to-play even for a day. You can't try it. You can't get it for a discount. The only way to find out if you'll like it is to buy it.

Grind value

In Siege, you grind for Renown which can be used to unlock cosmetics and additional operators. You can also get random items via Alpha Packs. You obtain them by chance, a chance that increases the more you play and even more if you win. Your grind gives you free stuff, thus giving it value.

In PUBG, you grind for gold coins which can be used to buy crates containing cosmetics. To unlock crates, you need keys. But here's the thing: keys aren't free. They're around $2.50 each. On its own, your grind has zero value unless you're willing to spend even more money.


Both games are great. They both splash fresh paint over old genres, those being King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch. But among the two games mentioned, PUBG is definitely the worst purchase. Higher price, zero grind value. You're effectively turning your PC into a space heater and getting nothing in return.