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Reading Time Is A Fun Metric

Letting you know if you should be wasting your time on my blog

February 8, 2019

If you haven't noticed, I recently added reading time on the headers of my articles. It's one of the funnest features I've added to my blog since the addition of both Bitcoin and PayPal links on the profile card.

The formula for reading time is actually very simple:

Reading Time = Word Count / Words Per Minute

On average, a human can read 200 words per minute. Since I already have the word count, which I obtain programmatically every time I publish a new article, I just needed to do the math.

Honestly, I copied this feature from Medium because I liked it. Reading time is a nice way of knowing if one can finish reading an article in one sitting. In this case, I'm letting you know how much time you have to waste reading stuff from my blog.

I also use it as an artificial limit. Whenever I write, I make sure that it's at most just 5 minutes long. That's about 1000 words, the usual length of an essay. Any longer, it becomes boring - which I'm trying to avoid.

What else should I put on my blog? Feel free to drop a line and I'll think about it. Until next time!