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Snow In April

Be careful what you wish for because they really happen

April 8, 2019

Photo of tree behind scratched acrylic in the snow

So today... it snowed. Yes, my friends, snow in April. Well, it was supposed to be just rain but the air was cold enough to freeze it. But then who am I to complain when I actually wished for one more snowfall? 😁

I've always wanted to take a photo of snowflakes falling, with the snowflakes in focus and everything else out of focus. But it's hard to focus on falling snowflakes. They have to be at the right depth at the right time to be in focus. So this time...

...I cheated.

The photo was taken behind the acrylic panels of a bus stop, where snowflakes happily sat. This made it stupid simple to focus on the snowflakes, since they sat there motionless. The imperfections on the panel also helped, emulating snow falling, as well as providing that grainy feel.

So yeah, another photo for another blog post. And be careful of what you wish for. They really happen, you just don't know when. And when they do, you better be prepared. 👍