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The Aftermath

What lies beyond the horizon for me?

March 29, 2015

Ok, so... I graduated yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was expecting something like a "level-up" sound effect like in the games we play. Welp, I guess I play games too much. Since yesterday, all I have been doing is... nothing. Then a post from a classmate said: "What's next?" That got me thinking. Uhm... Hmm...

Game Development

So my boss asked me several questions last week related to graduation. One of them was about where I'll be venturing next since I just freed up some of my time. Without hesitation I answered: "Game development".

For someone who has been living on the web scene for quite some time, and not even a hint of experience in game development, why would I even dare go to game development? I even hate math.

Well, for one, it's not the game client that I'm interested in. I'm interested in the game's server. Yes, that means I'm into MMOs. In context, we just came from a conversation about the Go language and its speed. Being the perf-junkie that I am, I really wanted to see how Go would stack up against C, and what better way to do it is to pit it in one of the most demanding systems - a game server, where anything more than 100ms is unacceptable.

Back to the JavaScript

This year, I have been slacking off with JavaScript work. My Mozilla demos page has been collecting dust, StackOverflow and CodeReview have remained stagnant. I haven't been joining meetups that much (save for a friend's Python meetup), and haven't been doing the rockstar JavaScript programmer on open source.

However, this is the time to shine. I currently work as a front-end developer in our company, mostly on the JS-Python side. The company where I work also granted permission to open source on "components" as well.


I travel a lot. In the past 7 years, I have been back and forth between the Philippines and the US, and stopping by different airports each time. But I never appreciated photos. All I had eversince is a point-and-shoot, which eventually evolved to a smartphone. Good hardware, but I never had a chance to take pictures of places (even though I'm just inside the airport).

It would be the time to start investing in this hobby, now that I have all the time in the world to move around. I trust my phone can be as powerful as a DSLR, given the right settings and angles.

Being an Audiophile

Opening my drawer full of old stuff, I was surprised to see all the different broken headphones and earphones I had. From overheads to earbuds, I had all sorts of them. I never realized how I was an audio geek all this time. The latest in the collection are a pair of Coloud Pop earphones. Not the best, but beats the bass out of my trusty Rapoo bluetooth headphones.