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The Matrix Is Already Here 2

Learning new skills quick and on demand

May 1, 2021

Morpheus and Neo sparring in the movie The Matrix

Today, I overslept my nap. Now I'm wide awake 10 in the evening, with nothing else to do. So I decided to pick off things from my rather large but not written anywhere todo list (I do remember I need to replace some bulbs somewhere). Today, I'll be readjusting my late father's wrist watch, the one he has worn since forever, to fit my scrawny little wrist.

Now, the usual option would be to take it to the jewelers for readjustment. But that's inconvenient since I'd have to call several jewelers, ask if the can re-adjust the very specific kind of watch band (it's an old-school Speidel Twist-O-Flex™ Classic), get a quote, burn gas to drive several minutes to the place, wait for it to be done, pay for the service, drive back home. Almost feels like a day-long event.

I wonder if I could just do it myself.

So I opened YouTube and immediately found a video on how to remove the links of an expandable watch band. I then pulled out a tweezer and cutting knife from my toolbox, and away I went. Around 15-20 minutes later, I was already wearing the wrist watch. It fits snugly on my wrist, not bad for my first try. Didn't even have to redo it, which is always my biggest fear when doing intricate work.

Then I remembered the scene from the Matrix where Neo underwent combat training by downloading the knowledge to his brain. Kinda similar situation and also kinda creepy. A few moments ago, I had zero knowledge. Moments later, I feel like I can do repairs on this kind of watch band.

With the internet these days, there's almost no reason one couldn't do anything basic.